Today I would like to unite all the services and programs that can help the webmaster in assessing the results achieved by the site and the prospects for development for the future.

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    1. Checking the spelling  is a wonderful tool that I use to check all of my articles immediately after they are published. It is described in more detail in the same publication.
    2. Complain about spam and viruses  – that’s already in the spirit of bourgeois services, for knocking on the runet is considered a shameful thing, which, in general, is understandable, because in the beginning and the middle of the last century, half of the entire population passed through the camps, and we live now more “by concepts” than by law. Although I personally think that bad sites (WANs), fake resources (read what fake is ) and the resources that infect our computers with viruses (even if often, unintentionally) should be known to search so that it can take timely measures to remove the HS and Fisher from the index or notify webmasters about infection by malware. IMHO.
    3. Delete URL  – in general, the purpose of this tool is not entirely clear, because the search algorithm itself must remove from the index all pages that return a 404 error or are prohibited from being indexed in the robots.txt file or the meta tag of the same name. It is possible that this way it will be possible to speed up this process somewhat by forcing Yandex’s robot to check the status of the specified pages in an extraordinary way.
    4. Micro -marking validators , XML feeds and Sitemap files  – there are special micro -markupcodes that allow commercial and official sites of organizations to add their address to the snippet or something else that is specified in the corresponding section of the Yandex help . Here, this case can be checked for errors and compliance with accepted standards.The same goes for the created maps in XML format , which you must have to improve and accelerate indexing. You can first check the site map file for errors, and only then add the Yandex webmaster to the corresponding Yandex form (it is available only after confirmation of the management right), or you can write the path to it in the robots.txt file


  1. Webmaster Google  – in fact, a similar tool from Google, but with its nuances and capabilities.
  2. Cabinet for webmasters in  – differs from the analogs in that it is possible to test the behavioral characteristics of the site.
  3. The panel for webmasters from Bing  – there used to be a separate panel in Yaho , but after its absorption by the search system Bing , only this one remained. If the panel from Yaho could get interesting information on back links leading to the site, then there is nothing like that left, although there are also some special raisins.
  4. Vpodskazke  – a new service for promoting tips in the search engines. You can promote the site and attract targeted visitors with the help of Vpodskazke , which allows you to raise the necessary search clues in Yandex

Checking the filters and site history

  1. Website Penalty Indicator  – if your site has been pessimized in Google (you have received a flow of visitors coming from this search engine), then this tool will allow you to determine after which update of which of two Google filters (Panda or Penguin) this happened. Why is this necessary? If the fault was the Penguin, then you will need to check and remove the “bad” links (read about the withdrawal of the site from the filter Google Penguin ) or add them to the toolDisavow links .If the panda became the culprit of pessimization, then one should look in the direction of oversampling of texts, headlines, internal linking, etc. things about exactly the device of your site. In the case of my blog, it turns out that it was the Panda (the dates of its update are marked with red vertical lines on the chart) in April 2012, cut its wings and continues to do it for two years already. The start date in the upper field can be changed and thus the range of verification can be extended.
  2. Google PR check on sitemap – alas, but this wonderful service that allows you to check links to the site and PR (read about Google Page Rank ) became useless. He pierced the PR not only for the main page of the site, but for all his pages separately. The problem is that Google now the toolbar value of the OL has stopped showing and this tool has become useless.But add it to the list I still decided – suddenly Google will come to its senses …
  3.  – a unique opportunity to check the site for its historical development.For example, if you choose a donor to place a link and want to avoid the possibility of dropping in, then this service will help you to understand if the owner and subject of this site has recently changed. Also this service can be a source of unique content for the site . How to work with it, I described in detail in the article about Webarchive .

Online services and programs for full site verification

  1. Site-Auditor  is a wonderful, simple and free program from Igor Ashmanov. I have been using it since the appearance of this blog to this day. All its features are described in the article cited by reference (although, after the transition to the third version, the design has changed radically, and I have not yet updated the article – but the essence and possibilities have remained the same).It can not only conduct an express analysis of any site of interest to you (tyts, indexing, catalogs, attendance), but also to check positions on the queries you entered. Yes, it does not have much automation, but it’s still the best of its kind.
  2. Pr-cy  is one of the most popular and well-known services on which you can conduct a fairly large-scale online analysis of your or someone else’s site . It will be enough to go to the page with tools for webmasters to understand how vast the opportunities are to you.
  3. Cy-pr  – similar in name and partly in functionality to the online service described above. By the above link you can conduct a free express analysis of the site.On the results page there will be more information than in Pr-cy, but in fact everything is the same. You can find out the same Titz, OL and Alexa Rank . To view many data, click on the lock icon.
  4.  is a free service of complex site verification, which differs from the above ones in that it can still calculate the site’s trust and its approximate cost. 
  5. Xseo  – powerful on the functionality, but not very convenient from the point of view of usability, the mass of Seo site verification. There really are a lot of tools and they work fine, but here’s a dark background that makes me very frustrated.Allows you to check, for example, the percentage of pages on the site that are in the Supplemental Index of Google .
  6. 2ip  – mostly “pop” service, but something interesting in it can still be checked.
  7. SEO Site Checkup  – a bourgeois service that analyzes a bunch of Seo parameters of your site and in a minute or two gives out its verdict and tips for improving optimization.
  8. Alexa  is the oldest service that collects data about all sites on the Internet. He does it thanks to his toolbar, which is installed on many users’ browsers (mainly in bourgeois). It allows you to assess the attendance of the site in a general and regional ranking, and also learn a lot more about the sources of traffic and the behavior of visitors.Now this service, however, is moving towards commercialization, so all the “delicious” you can see only for a money.
  9. SimilarWeb  – produces quite a lot of information and graphs, which somewhat resemble the aforementioned service.

Browser extensions that allow you to check any sites


Among the universal plug-ins working in almost all browsers, I would like to highlight these two representatives:

  1. SeoQuake  – a bourgeois analogue Rds Bar (or vice versa). It is convenient to analyze the issue in Yandex and Google using itQuite a functional and comfortable, especially for those who have already become accustomed to it.


Checking the position of the site in Yandex and Google

  1. Site-Auditor  – already mentioned a little above the program, which can pretty well in a semi-automatic mode to check the position of the site for interesting search queries. Yes, for a long time, tiresome and captcha have to be introduced all the time, but for a quick reconnaissance it is quite suitable.
  2. Checking the visibility of the site in MegaDEXX  – the service is free and allows you to view the positions of your site for those requests for which it has at least some visibility (located in the Top 100 Yandex or Google). It is very useful to know, to buy links to drive such requests to the Top 10 (where the traffic can actually go).The service itself MegaIndex is designed to promote sites (for money), but it also has a lot of free services described in this article. Sometimes it is useful to check the visibility of not only your site, but also the resources of competitors to borrow from them successful keywords.
  3. Checking the positions in TopVizore  – online service The supervisor i paid, but it performs a check in fully automatic mode and in accordance with the intervals set by you in the settings. The results of inspections are provided in a rather convenient and clear form.The keywords that you will check, you can directly in this online service and pick up (ie, collect the kernel). Also there is an opportunity to check a limited number of search requests for free due to the limits given to the service in Yandex XML . Read more in the articles on the links below.
  4. Checking the position of the site in SE Ranking  is another paid service, which provides for rent for the use of its capabilities (more recently, there was also the possibility of paying for individual checks). There is also an option to buy a script from them and install it on your site to independently take positions in unlimited quantities and for free.
  5. Rankinity  – the competition is always beneficial to the end user and therefore I present to you another very serious player in the market for checking positions held by the site in search engines. It has its own characteristics, which you may like, so do not apply to familiarize yourself with it, too, before making a choice in favor of one of the candidates.

How to find out the cost of your own or someone else’s site?

In fact, there are quite a few resources that are ready to give an estimate of your resource in terms of its value (in fact, the SEObuilding mentioned in this article will do this at a time). But it seems to me that the most accurate forecast should be provided by a service that is focused on buying and selling websites, because they have accumulated a lot of statistical material over the years of work that can be used in calculations.

Checking the cost of the site in Telder

– this service belongs to the Telderi stock exchange, which acts as a guarantor when making transactions for the purchase or sale of sites, well, it allows placing your advertisement for sale or looking at the currently available offers for purchase. Checking the cost will be made more accurately, if you fill out all the fields in the form, but for a rough estimate, simply specify Url.


For my blog, he issued such a verdict:


Checking back site links

Backlinks for your own or someone else’s site can be viewed on a number of services that specialize in collecting such information. Free for your site this information can be obtained from the above mentioned panels for Webmasters from Yandex and Google:

  1. Checking back links in Yandex  – from the left menu choose “Site indexing” – “Inbound links”.Very cool is that if you enter the address of any page of your site into the filter in the “To” field, you will know exactly the other resources that refer to it.


    To download all the found backlinks, scroll to the end and click on the “Archive from” button:


  2. Downloading backlinks from the Google bar  – select “Search Traffic” – “Links to your site” from the left menu, click the “Advanced” button and on the opened page click on the button “Download more links for example”.You will have the option to save this list in CSV format and open it later in Excel, or immediately start working with documents in Google Drive .

Much more opportunities for working with back links provide specialized services, but, unfortunately, access to their full functionality is paid and not so much too cheap. A little later I will mention the method of obtaining the unloading from Ahrefs.

So, where can I check back links to your site :

  1. Ahrefs  is one of the most popular reference analyzers. The information given to them is rather scanty, and for more it is necessary to pay (from eight tens dollars in a month). It will be possible to assess the quality of donors and much more interesting to learn (look for Mikhail Shakin’s blog – there is, in my opinion, a good article or a clip about Ahrefs written by him).
  2. Backlink for pennies  – allows you to unload back links leading to your domain from the above Ahrefs service. The fee is charged for each backlink. For example, for my site it will cost so much (not a penny, but still cheaper):
  3. Open Site Explorer  – the most famous SeoMoz, which now became simply Moz. In general, everything is the same – you pay money and you will be tested on all counts.
  4. Linkpad  is the former Solomono. They too can find a lot of interesting things about your back links and about the quality assessment of your donors. All this is available for free, in contrast to the services mentioned above. There is quite a lot of information there, but still it will be necessary to learn to understand and perceive it.In addition to checking links, there are tools for promoting your site (for money, naturally), well, there is a stock exchange of links.
  5. Majestic SEO  – this service also does not provide much information in the free version, but it displays here such a wonderful graph (right), where you can very quickly estimate the number and quality of backlinks leading to the site you are researching (for example, when you check potential donors), and a little lower are the quantitative temporal graphs of the history of the increase in the reference mass.
  6. SEMrush  – as if all the same. Service paid and in demo mode is not very functional.
  7. Checking the presence of backlinks  – if you exchanged or bought links bypassing various exchanges (for example, GoGetLinks ,, then you will have to track their availability yourself. To do this, you may need this service, in which you can download up to 100 URL pages at a time, where you should find the backlinks you have received. As a result of the test, you will find out where they are still standing, and where they were deleted.
  8. When you need to drive into the index new pages that appeared on the site, the best option will be services to attract the fast-track (indexer) of search engines. Among them I can distinguish two similar ones – IndexGator and GetBot . This case is not at all expensive, but the effect is fairly stable.

Testing trust and trust in the site

  1. XTools  – the service has been around for a long time. If you need to check the trust of your site , then you can do it for free. Although the trust is considered a mythical concept, but the owners of the service mean under it the total weight of the resource in the eyes of the search engines (on the aggregate ranking factors).Mass checks of the trust, for example, for donor sites are carried out on a fee basis.
  2. Site comparison service from SEObuilding  – allows you to free check the list of donors to the trust and other important indicators that may affect your choice.
  3. CheckTrust (FastTrust)  – service and program from Alaic. The essence is the same – to help you choose the most suitable trust and non-spoiled donors
  4. Checking the credibility of sites in the Web of Trust (WOT)  – an extension for the browser, which will allow you to quickly understand how you can trust a particular site you open.In fact, it shows the reputation of a site open in the browser, which is formed by the same users as you, by evaluating these resources in WOT.

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